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Welcome To Physicians Health Center

Physicians Health Center has specialized in Occupational Medicine and specialized physicals for over 30 years, with five convenient locations in South Florida, covering Miami-Dade, South Broward, and Monroe Counties.

Partnering with Physicians Health Center for Occupational Medicine provides Employers with:

  • Expertise in Occupational Health and Injury Care
    • Our staff is trained in and understands the unique health challenges of the workplace.
    • Our team has experience in managing work-related injuries and illness, leading to more effective treatments and faster recovery times.
  • Established and Customized Return-to-Work Programs
    • We partner with Employers in developing company specific, structured, return-to-work programs for injured employees, facilitating their safe and timely return to the job.
    • Our programs can help absenteeism and minimize the impact of workplace injuries on productivity.
  • Streamlined Communications
    • We look to establish strong communication channels with employers, HR departments, TPA’s, and insurance providers to ensure a coordinated approach to employee health management.
    • This established and streamlined communication leads to quicker resolution of health-related issues.
  • Workplace-Specific Services
    • We offer a wide range of services tailored to meet the needs of the workforce, including the evaluation and treatment of injuries, physical therapy, surgical clearances, pre-employment screenings, DOT, pre-employment, annual, customized physicals, fitness for duty evaluations, and many other services.
    • We are able to provide guidance on workplace safety and injury prevention, helping employers reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Cost Control
    • Our focus on preventive measures, early intervention, and injury management, can help companies control healthcare and insurance costs associated with workplace injuries and illnesses.
  • Knowledge and Experience Pertaining to Regulatory Compliance
    • We are well-versed in complying with local, state, and federal regulations related to workplace injuries, health, and safety, helping employers remain in compliance.
    • We have the experience needed to assist companies with workers compensation claims and reporting, helping employers navigate the complex legal and and filing requirements.
  • Employee Satisfaction
    • Choosing Physicians Health Center demonstrates an employer’s commitment to the well-being of it’s workforce by partnering with a specialized practice focused on the focusing on not only the health of it’s employees, but also on the employees ability to return to the job,  safely, quickly, and with minimal financial impact on the employees.

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Services Available at Physicians Health center

  • Injury Evaluation and Treatment
  • Physical Therapy
  • Specialty Physicals (DOT, FAA, Immigration, Employment, more)
  • Surgical Clearances
  • Travel Medicine Consult and Vaccines
  • Testing Services (Audio, Visual, more)
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
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Our Services

We keep you informed through simple, easy, and personal communication, making sure your employees’ work-related injuries receive the expert medical attention you expect, while you remain in the loop as they progress toward returning safely to work and reaching Maximum Medical Improvement.

Work-Related Injury Care

Promptly Treating Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses.

Workplace Physical Exams and Testing

A wide range of Physical Exams tailored to the workplace.

Physical Therapy

Aggressive and customized approach to Physical Therapy.

Surgical Clearances

Medical assessments of your employees’ health prior to Surgery.

Wellness & Prevention Services

Preventing injuries and illness while managing your employees’ health.

On-Site Visits And Other Occupational Medicine Services

Continuing education on best practices for Occupational Medicine.


From our well known Emerging Trends seminars to our Training Experts, PHC is always working to help your employees avoid injuries in the first place. But when the unexpected does happen, we strive to help your workers get safely back-to-work and reach MMI as quickly as medically possible.

Forms & Downloads

Access to PHC Documents and Patient Forms.
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Emerging Trends

Join us at one of our Emerging Trends seminars and receive CEU’s while learning about the most important topics in the Workers Comp and Occ-Med industry
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Even better than having PHC get your employees back-to-work is having PHC teach them how to avoid injuries in the first place.
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