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Physicians Health Center is keeping you informed on COVID-19 topics. This section provides resources to assist in returning your employees back to work during the ‘new norm’. We will be updating this section as new information becomes available.

Precautionary Measures Regarding COVID-19

Our Medical Director, Dr. Susan Nelson, reviews how to avoid exposure to COVID-19.

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PHC COVID-19 Safety Protocols

See what PHC has implemented to ensure the health and safety of all patients visiting our centers.

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PHC COVID-19 Programs

PHC Is Offering Several Programs To Assist Your Company With Returning To Work During COVID-19.

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PHC COVID-19 On-site PCR Testing

Physicians Health Center has a program providing COVID-19 PCR Testing for “low risk” / “low exposure” scenarios.

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PHC COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Physicians Health Center offers COVID-19 Antibody testing

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PHC has archived the most frequently asked questions employers have on COVID-19 topics.

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