Drug And Alcohol Testing Services And Programs

Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

Physicians Health Center, through it’s partner-company, OM Management, offers comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Testing & Program Management services for both regulated and unregulated industries.  Because Drug and Alcohol Testing requirements and needs can vary significantly based on industry, job, and company needs, Physicians Health Center and OM Management’s expertise can help employers design the program that meets all their needs and regulatory requirements.

We offer several programs designed for both DOT and Non-DOT companies.  The DOT programs meet the rules and regulations specific to the DOT agency or agencies that a company operates under.  Other, non-DOT regulated programs are customized to meet company specific objectives.  Our Florida Drug Free Workplace Programs ensure policies meet the state’s statutory requirements, required to receive the available discount on Workers Compensation premiums.

It’s not uncommon for a company to have more than one program and Physicians Health Center and OM Management can help an employer design a program that includes both required and requested testing and management.

Services Available Include:

  • DOT Regulated (All Agencies) Drug and Alcohol Testing and Program Management
  • Florida Drug Free Workplace Programs
  • Drug Program Manager Training
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing Random Selections
  • Pre-employment Drug Testing
  • Post-accident Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Secure, On-Line Access to Testing Results
  • Certified Medical Review Officer Review of Drug Test Results and Follow-Up With Donor If Required
  • Company and Job Description Evaluation To Determine Required and/or Desired Program(s)

For Drug & Alcohol Program Management & Testing Services, please go to: ommanagement.com

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