OSHA Regulated Monitoring And Surveillance Programs

Adherence and Compliance with Regulatory Requirements and OSHA Mandates

Physicians Health Center has years of experience working with South Florida employers designing, implementing, and performing OSHA and other agency regulated testing and surveillance programs.  Our medical staff works closely with employers so that the proper testing and/or surveillance program is in place based on today’s regulations and, that the program remains compliant in the future should regulations change.

Because regulations can vary significantly among industries or jobs, Physicians Health Center’s expertise can help companies stay compliant by ensuring the testing and surveillance program in place is the correct program.  And, once the proper program is in place, Physicians Health Center can perform the required testing.

Elements of Physicians Health Center’s testing and surveillance program include:

  • Identifying which program applies based on jobs, industry, and regulatory requirements
  • Performing the necessary baseline and follow-up exams
  • Performing specific testing as may be required
  • Maintaining the records needed for tracking compliance

Common OSHA and Exposure Monitoring Services Offered:

  • Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Respiratory Clearance
  • Silica Testing
  • Cadmium Testing
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Lead Testing

In addition to the more common testing and surveillance programs listed above, Physicians Health Center also can set up and administer programs that are less common.  For any program needed, but not listed, please contact us and we will help you set up your program.

  • Injury Care

    Injury Care

  • Workplace Physical Exams and Testing

  • Physical Therapy


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