Surgical Clearances

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Ensuring The Patient’s Surgical Readiness

Physicians Health Center extends its Surgical Clearance services across all five of our medical centers, prioritizing swift and comprehensive evaluations.

With appointments available within 24 hours, our dedicated medical staff conducts a thorough array of evaluations, tests, diagnostics, and examinations to assess each patient’s preparedness for their upcoming surgical procedure.

PHC’s Surgical Clearance examinations deliver the critical information required to approach surgery with confidence. Our comprehensive services encompass:

  • A comprehensive Physical Examination, inclusive of vital signs, medical history review, and system evaluation
  • Blood Draw, covering all essential laboratory tests
  • Urine Collection, encompassing all necessary laboratory tests
  • Digital X-Rays as deemed necessary
  • ECG, when deemed necessary

Upon completion of the Surgical Clearance examination, along with timely lab results, Physicians Health Center communicates the patient’s readiness for surgery to all pertinent parties. We also provide guidance on whether additional testing or medical treatment may be required prior to the surgery, ensuring a seamless and safe surgical experience.

  • Injury Care

    Injury Care

  • Workplace Physical Exams and Testing

  • Physical Therapy


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