Surgical Clearances

Surgical Clearance Request Form

Making Sure Your Patient is Ready for Surgery

Physicians Health Center (PHC) offers Surgical Clearances at all five of our medical centers.

During this time of COVID-19, all five Physicians Health Center locations have added the option of performing a COVID-19 test.

Appointments are scheduled within 24 hours.

Our medical staff performs all necessary evaluations, testing, diagnostics, and exams to determine each patient’s readiness for their surgical procedure.

PHC’s Surgical Clearance exams will provide you with the information needed to proceed to surgery with confidence.

Surgical Clearance services include:

  • COVID-19 Test (available when authorized). May delay results due to high volume of testing at labs.
  • Physical Exam, including review of vitals, medical history, and systems
  • Blood Draw, including all necessary lab-tests
  • Urine Collection, including all necessary lab-tests
  • Digital X-Rays as necessary
  • ECG as necessary

When the Surgical Clearance exam is complete with lab results, PHC communicates the patient’s readiness-for-surgery to all parties involved, including whether additional testing or medical treatment may be necessary before surgery.