On-Site Visits And Other Occupational Medicine Services


Physician’s Health Center conducts a series of educational events, including seminars, webinars, and trainings, targeted at Occupational Medicine Professionals throughout the year. These events fall under categories such as Emerging Trends Seminars, sessions for HR professionals within organizations, or webinars catering to industry professionals.  The content featured in Emerging Trends presentations frequently comes with Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

In every scenario, the material is thoughtfully selected to empower Occupational Medicine Professionals with current and relevant insights regarding workers’ compensation claims and administration. Furthermore, there are instances where experts from fields beyond medicine, such as legal or OSHA experts, are included in the seminars to enrich the content being offered.

Emerging Trends Seminars

  • Re-Defining Return To Work
  • Navigating Workers Comp
  • What’s Your Workers Comp Plan?
  • The “Team Medical Model” For Managing Workers Compensation Injuries
  • Is It Comp or Not?
  • PTSD Seminar


  • Safety In The Workplace
  • Ouch I’m Injured… Now What?
  • Beat The South Florida Heat
  • Case Management Portal Training
  • Injury Care

    Injury Care

  • Workplace Physical Exams and Testing

  • Physical Therapy


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