Emerging Trends Webinar – The Importance of an “Incident Management Plan”

Emerging Trends Webinar – The Importance of an “Incident Management Plan”

When it comes to incident management what’s the difference between a workers’ compensation claim and a general liability claim regarding exposure and treatment? Our speakers will discuss the difference and the importance of investigating and documenting the accident.

An incident plan must be in place. A workers‘ compensation accident affects the company’s EMR, so it is important that the employee goes to an Occ-Med Center with experience in treating workplace injuries. General liability claims do not impact the EMR, and medical treatment should go to a hospital or urgent care center.

Both of these incidents occur at the workplace, however one is an employee and the other is a third party – big difference! Our panel will weigh in on best practices medically and in the handling of the workers’ compensation incident.

Eddie Martinez – V.P. of Safety and Claims, Eastern Insurance

James Egan – Manager of Investigations, The Zenith

Moderator: Zachary Rosenthal – Director of Sales & Marketing, Physicians Health Center

Moderator: Maxine Topper – Executive Vice President, Physicians Health Center

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