Workplace Physical Exams and Testing

Specialized Physical Exams and Occupational Testing

Physicians Health Center performs a variety of physicals designed around what employers need to keep their company moving. Ranging from DOT-mandated physicals to customized physicals designed around the specific requirements of a job, our medical staff has the experience and expertise needed to perform the physical exam best suited to a company’s needs.

Some of the Physical Exams performed by Physicians Health Center include:

  • Immigration Exams
  • Return-to-Work Exams
  • Pre-Employment / Post-Offer Exams
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Audiometry Exams

We recognize that physicals are not a one-size-fits-all service and different positions have different requirements.  Having a properly designed physical exam, specific to the employer’s needs, is an important part of an employer’s Occupational Medicine plan and we understand that.

And because we understand, Physicians Health Center puts in the time and effort to ensure every exam meets the needs of the employer and is performed properly.  From the design to the performance of the exam, Physicians Health Center’s Doctors and Physical Therapists will:

  • Custom design the physical elements required for each job description
  • Determine the appropriate measurements and tests to best assess an applicant’s or employee’s abilities to perform the job safely and adequately
  • Evaluate an employer’s job descriptions
  • Create the necessary exam reporting form
  • Perform the specific job-related exam
  • Report the exam results to the employer
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  • Workplace Physical Exams and Testing

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